Prior to integration

  • [✔] Watched all the videos for solid understanding of what’s involved
  • [✔] Read the Checklist section
  • [✔] Read the Checklist section
  • [✔] Subscribed to the Coach Service Desk
  • [✔] Obtained public facing IP address for the Integration Tool to test your Data Connector
  • [✔] Added port of Data Connector RESTful API before to firewall
  • [✔] Added this IP range (,,, to your firewall so Integration Tool can reach your Data Connector

Server configuration


  • [✔] Downloaded Data Connector RESTful API from github
  • [✔] Downloaded QA Data Connector from github to look at sample implementation
  • [✔] Implemented Data range in both GetMediaForUserAsync and GetMediaForUsersAsync so results are filtered on a period
  • [✔] Incorporated the Limit property in and MediaForUserArgs and MediaForUsersArgs so as to not return potentially millions of rows of data
  • [✔] Received Email with link back to recorder configuration
  • [✔] Clicked on link included in Email and returned to recorder configuration
  • [✔] Tested users import in Integration Tool
  • [✔] Tested search criteria in Integration Tool


  • [✔] Completed Integration Tool and have received T-SQL script file Email attachment
  • [✔] Installed Coach


  • [✔] Received training on Coach